8th Conference of Doctoral Studies in Theatre Practice and Theory

Politics and Community Engagement
in Doctoral Theatre Research

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8th Conference of Doctoral Studies in Theatre Practice and Theory

Politics and Community Engagement in Doctoral Theatre Research

3-4 November 2017

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The conference is held by the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts Brno (JAMU), Czech Republic.

This year's iteration of the conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of JAMU.

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The increasing political tension around the globe in many respects poses a challenge to current theatre practice as well as to its scholarly reflection. Being based on live social contact, theatre is a fundamentally political art form as it always takes place within a particular social setting involving particular physically co-existing people.

Considering politics in the most general sense as affairs of the community, it has become obvious that interest in theatre’s political, i.e. participatory, mobilizing and potentially transformative aspects has been increasing both in theatre practice and theory, as well as interest in theatre’s relationship towards the public sphere and the issue of social responsibility.  

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